Unraveling the Mysteries of the Modern plumber

Imagine you are enjoying your morning cup of coffee and getting ready for the day, when all of a sudden, disaster strikes. You notice water pooling at your feet. There is panic. It’s funny that we tend to only think about plumbers when there is a crisis. Despite their unsung status, Plumbers keep our sinks singing.

As with clock gears, plumbing works largely behind the scenes but is vital for a smooth ride. Imagine a home with a broken toilet or a drippy tap that keeps your awake at night. Dreadful, right? Six feet beneath the surface and in your loft, a plumber’s work is an act of art. It’s like they have a magical wand to turn chaos into calm.

Last year, my plumbing was a problem. The pipes burst in the middle of a family reunion, just one day before. You can imagine that disaster was imminent. Joe the rescuer is what I called. Joe was armed with an arsenal of tools that could rival Batman’s utility belt. In minutes, Joe diagnosed the issue and started working, making jokes between each step to calm my nerves.